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64% of surveyed employers reported a skills gap in their company, up from 52% in 2018.

87% of Americans recognize they need to continually train and learn new skills to survive in the digital age.

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Leadership Logic Consulting, LLC., and the American Advanced Technology and Cybersecurity (AATC) University are the ‘Charter Member Organizations’ of the newly formed consortium of Network Alliances known as Joint Force Solutions™. This consortium is comprised of a Joint Conferencing Networking Training Force,(JCNTF Council®) which takes into consideration the current use of training standards, advances in technologies, and takes the nationwide workforce development initiative to the next level by adopting conferences, seminars and networking activities for enhancement and benefit to its clients and the mission critical / data center industry.





To enlist, activate, and educate the Energy and Information Technology market sectors, (namely, Data Centers and other Mission Critical Operations), and positively affect their knowledge of, and defined usefulness for newly developed research and applications of disruptive technologies for the betterment of our country’s data center and mission critical operations workforce.


To facilitate our VISION by providing a platform of ‘Best-Practices’ guidance and education with regards to training and jobs placement of the aforementioned mission critical operations industry. Our business model is to establish a presence in six to eight regions in the USA to facilitate training.