Nick Lombard is currently working full time with Schneider Electric for the past 14 years. 

He has spent 3 years as an Order Engineer using AutoCAD and SE programs to engineer orders per consultant spec’s and drawings. 

He then transitioned to the company’s Technical Assistance Group (TAG).

Where he is responsible for Quotations for Special devices and applications for Square D Motor Control Centers for the past 11 years. 

Nick is well versed in trouble shooting and assists and trains the Schneider Field Office and Project managers to enter orders and  Special Design requests of Square D MCC’s. 

He has knowledge of Square D drives, soft starts, starters, panelboards, breakers, automatic transfer switch’s, Main tie Main, transformers, and Intelligent Motor Control Centers (IMCC’s). 

Utilizing Ethernet switches, Modbus and BacNet networks and 3rd party devices. SE Capbank and Varset products and he has also quoted Allen Bradly, ABB and Toshiba Drives and Soft starts. 

Nick’s previous employment was with ASP (Alpha Specialty Products) as an Engineer for 7 years. 

Using GE breakers, transformers, panelboards and contactors to build Power panels for commercial and industrial customers.

This position also included testing and trouble shooting and Special designs.

Nick holds an Associate degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Community College System of New Hampshire. Formally New Hampshire Technical Institute.